GeoMotion provides solutions for the critical "last mile" of a supply chain, where the consumer receives a specialty product.

Our Vision

Identity is what distinguishes a specialty food from a commodity. Identity in food markets was lost with the birth of the commodity exchange. The exchanges were originally designed to solve an information problem -- giving farmers a way to know the price of their crops. But today's information technology can solve this problem without sacrificing the farmer's identity and committment to qualtiy. Our vision is to build a more diverse and sustainable food supply by bringing identity back and giving specialty producers the tools they need to compete.

End-to-End Transparency

GeoMotion operates as part of a complete end-to-end supply chain management system. The sister company, GeoCertify, provides the backbone, authenticating origin and chain of custody through the supply chain. This lets GeoMotion build on a foundation of credible traceability. In times past it was enough to put a sticker on your product claiming you were sustainable; now that sticker has become a window for consumers to look back across the entire supply chain and connect with the producers at origin.

Starbucks on GeoMotion, via Wall Street Journal