GeoCertify is a pioneer in food traceability. Launched in 2007 to support Rwandan coffee farmers, GeoCertify now provides full-scale solutions for the most complex and remote supply chains in the world. For consumers, we offer new meaning to the phrase "know your farmer, know your food."

Our Vision

We don't all have to eat the same thing; there is value in difference. Our vision is to help bring out exceptional quality and extraordinary differences in food and other products. We help connect the people who make the finest products in the world with the people who appreciate them. Traceability, for us, is a social thing.

Trusted Third Party

GeoCertify operates as an independent third party, authenticating origin and chain of custody. Building brand value means presenting credible traceability. In times past it was enough to put a sticker on your bag; now that sticker has become a window for consumers to look back across the entire supply chain.

Starbucks on GeoCertify, via Wall Street Journal